Troy Gzik Portrait

I can take your business to new heights.

Web Development, Marketing, IT, and More.
Previous Chemical Process Engineer turned Online Free-Lancer

My Short Story

From Chemical Engineering to Engineering Business Solutions
After traveling and working as an English Teacher I worked as a chemical process engineer. I use the knowledge gained to communicate with clients and their potential customers.
Process engineering means looking at the whole picture. In marketing that means looking holistically at your website and client-outreach strategies.
Solving problems is what i was trained to do and now driven to accomplish. I always look forward towards tackling new challenges. Setting up IT or a website the right way means lower costs in the future and better results now. There is always a solution to be found.
 Creativity goes beyond making assets. Being creative with problem solving means finding IT solutions that work for you.

I work towards results. If you have a problem with your business you're looking to remedy I want to help. I am happy to use my broad experience to your benefit. Let's make something to be proud of.

Web Dev

Handling the Front-End and Back-End of your website.

General IT

Building and Maintaining PCs and Software solutions.

Graphic Design

Asset creation: Logos, brochures, image editing.

Writing Copy

Blog posts and other content written to higher standards.

My Skills

Problem solving with an engineering mindset.

Engineered to Work

From IT services and webdev to graphic design. Solution-focused work engineered to perform.