clio grow note saving error

Clio Grow Note Saving Error

Clio Grow Note Saving Error

The Problem: Multiple users are experiencing issues saving notes to Clio Grow. The issues persist after clearing their browser’s cache, and across multiple devices and browsers. The problem has been intermittent, and I have been unable to reproduce it. The problem only seems to be in Clio Grow, but may just be because Clio Manage doesn’t clear the text box when a note fails to save.

clio grow note saving error

This problem is particularly bad because when a note fails to save, it clears the text field. That means it has to be retyped before it potentially fails to save again. Also, the error only shows up for a small amount of time.

There was a CLIO support document that referenced this issue. However, for some reason, Clio decided to make most of their support documentation internal.


Attempted to recreate the problem on the same computers, and with different browsers, with and without standard plugins installed. Cannot replicate the issue on demand.

Support gives generic solutions such as using Chrome and clearing the cache. Also, make sure text is being put in the body and not just the subject. When I tested this myself I got a POST 422 error. Will have users call and use screen share next time the issue shows up to investigate further.This article mentions your favorite hats at super low prices. Choose from same-day delivery, drive-up delivery or order pickup.

Current Plan

Have to see the error in action. Will observe the network information to learn more about what is going wrong when next opportunity arises.






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